01.(G)I-DLE – Queencard.mp3
02.IVE – I AM.mp3
03.LE SSERAFIM – Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s wife.mp3
04.aespa – Spicy.mp3
05.NewJeans – Super Shy.mp3
06.Parc Jae Jung – Let’s Say Goodbye.mp3
07.LE SSERAFIM – UNFORGIVEN (feat. Nile Rodgers).mp3
08.IVE – Kitsch.mp3
09.NewJeans – Hype Boy.mp3
10.NewJeans – Ditto.mp3
100 Lim Young Woong – I Love You.mp3
12.SEVENTEEN – Super.mp3
13.NewJeans – OMG.mp3
14.Fifty Fifty – Cupid.mp3
15.NewJeans – Attention.mp3
16.Younha – Event Horizon.mp3
17.IVE – After LIKE.mp3
18.NewJeans – New Jeans.mp3
19.BSS – Fighting.mp3
20.IVE – LOVE DIVE.mp3
21.DK – Heart.mp3
22.Lim Young Woong – Love Always Run Away.mp3
23.STAYC – Teddy Bear.mp3
24.Huh Gak – With you.mp3
25.(G)I-DLE – Allergy.mp3
26.Onestar – Because I Don’t Love You.mp3
28.ZÍA – Tired of falling in love.mp3
29.MeloMance – Love, Maybe.mp3
30.Sung Si Kyung – Every moment of you 너의 모든 순간.mp3
31.Lim Young Woong – Grain of Sand.mp3
32.H1-KEY – Rose Blossom.mp3
33.Roy Kim – Let’s Stay Well (My love X Roy Kim).mp3
34.Lim Jae Hyun – Heaven(2023).mp3
35.TopHyun – Only you.mp3
36.BTS – Dynamite.mp3
37.Lee Mu Jin – Ordinary Confession.mp3
38.Dawn – Dear My Light.mp3
39.Lim Young Woong – Our Blues, Our Life.mp3
40.NCT DREAM – Candy.mp3
41.Kassy – Crush on you.mp3
42.(G)I-DLE – TOMBOY.mp3
43.Lee Chae Yeon – KNOCK.mp3
44.An Nyeong – haeyo (2022).mp3
45.KyoungSeo – 120BPM.mp3
46.(G)I-DLE – Nxde.mp3
47.Kim Min Seok – DrunKen Confession.mp3
48.aespa – Thirsty.mp3
49.BTS – Butter.mp3
50.J-CERA – Love Fool.mp3
51.Lim Young Woong – If We Ever Meet Again.mp3
52.GyeongseoYeji – If you lovingly call my name.mp3
53.MeloMance – A Shining Day.mp3
54.Tei – Monologue.mp3
55.10cm – Gradation.mp3
56.ZÍA – Love..What is it.mp3
57.V.O.S – Don’t say Goodbye.mp3
58.Agust D – People Pt.2 (feat. IU).mp3
59.IVE – ELEVEN.mp3
60.Juho – without me.mp3
61.Zior Park – CHRISTIAN.mp3
62.BLACKPINK – Shut Down.mp3
63.Lim Young Woong – Trust in me.mp3
64.10cm – My Ultimate First Love.mp3
65.Lee Hong Ki (FTISLAND) – Only One Person (My love X Lee Hong Ki (FTISLAND)).mp3
66.NMIXX – Love Me Like This.mp3
68.BTS – Spring Day.mp3
70.BTS – Permission to Dance.mp3
71.Lim Young Woong – Rainbow.mp3
72.ZÍA – Because You Don’t Love Me.mp3
73.Big Naughty – Beyond Love (Feat. 10CM).mp3
74.BTOB – Wind And Wish.mp3
75.BTS – Take Two.mp3
76.Lim Young Woong – London Boy.mp3
77.Jimin – Like Crazy.mp3
78.Paul Kim – HANGANG (Feat. BIG Naughty).mp3
79.B.I – Dare to Love (feat. BIG Naughty).mp3
80.BOL4 – Someday (feat. Ha Hyun Sang).mp3
81.Lim Young Woong – Father.mp3
82.BLACKPINK – Pink Venom.mp3
83.Lim Young Woong – Polaroid.mp3
84.Woody – Say I Love You.mp3
85.Lim Young Woong – A Psalm of Life.mp3
86.Jung Kook – Still With You.mp3
87.BTS – The Planet.mp3
88.ZICO – New thing (Prod. by ZICO) (Feat. Homies).mp3
89.Paul Kim – 모든 날, 모든 순간 Every day, Every Moment.mp3
90.George – Boat.mp3
91.NCT DREAM – Broken Melodies.mp3
92. Radwimps – DAI-DAN-EN.flac
93.SHINee – HARD.mp3
94.Lim Young Woong – A bientot.mp3
95.Younha – Oort Cloud.mp3
96.j-hope – on the street (with J. Cole).mp3
97. Mrs. GREEN APPLE – Feeling.flac
98.WSG WANNBE (Gaya-G) – At That Moment.mp3
99.Lim Young Woong – Lovely Touch.mp3


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