01. Gold-Colored Eggs.flac
02. The Whole World (New Remix Long Version).flac
03. Doodlebug.flac
04. Path of Sprits.flac
05. Poetry of a Certain Star.flac
06. Journey of Light.flac
07. There’s a Genki-Dama in Bad Things!!.flac
08. My Pace .flac
09. Mai My Every Day.flac
10. Like a Machine…_ Battling Machine.flac
11. Fragments of a Dream.flac
12. Dragon March.flac
13. Feeling of Whistling.flac
14. The Incredible Mightiest vs. Mightiest.flac
15. Power of Smile.flac
16. It’s Easy if you Close your Eyes.flac
17. Like the Wind, Like the Stars «Part 1».flac
18. Like the Wind, Like the Stars «Part 2».flac