01. Oblivion (moshimoss’s cold basin remix) Remixed by moshimoss.flac
02. Cut All Trees (memories of the tree rings mix) Remixed by world’s end girlfriend.flac
03. Instant Immortal Remixed by Anoice.flac
04. Sacred Play Secret Place (Dandelion Dub Mix) Remixed by Candlegravity.flac
05. Niedola Remixed by Urlich Schnauss.flac
06. Butterflysoup (Like Stars Were Flickering Out) Remixed by Go-qualia.flac
07. Hallucinatory Halo( -)♥(- )olɒH noiƨulliƨiᗡ Remixed by arai tasuku.flac
08. Noctambulist (cnflct mix) Remixed by mergrim.flac
09. Monotonous Purgatory Remixed by Aoki Yutaka (downy).flac
10. Gentle Afternoon (Urban Collapse Or Everlasting Version) Remixed by matryoshka.flac