01 Fire Emblem ~Mystery of the Emblem~.mp3
02 Prelude to Liberation.mp3
03 Mind, Layers, Two People.mp3
04 The Spirit of Garuda.mp3
05 An Agression Called Revenge.mp3
06 The Hero’s War.mp3
07 In a World of Upheaval.mp3
08 Farewell is Deep, Sadness is Deeper.mp3
09 Ogma The Powerful Sword.mp3
10 Please, Help Tallis!.mp3
11 His Heart is Hidden, Aim to Tell Him About Your Love.mp3
12 Rapier’s Radiance in My Heart.mp3
13 Priest of Darkness.mp3
14 Mine is the Acaneia Shield.mp3
15 Fate of Vicissitudes.mp3
16 If Our Life Runs Out, We Still Have Each Other.mp3
17 Let’s Meet at the Alitia Flag.mp3
18 Dirge for What is Holy.mp3
19 Silence and Decision of Two Years.mp3
20 One Hour of Rest.mp3
21 Men Subordinate to the Darkness.mp3
22 Gaining Freedom.mp3
23 Radiance Unseen.mp3
24 The One We Should Pursue.mp3
25 The Dark Dragon and Sword of Light.mp3