01.Journey of a Lifetime ~ Frieren Main Theme.flac
02.The End of One Journey.flac
03.The Party of Heroes Returns.flac
04.A Well-Earned Celebration.flac
05.For 1000 Years.flac
06.One Last Adventure.flac
07.Farewell, My Friend.flac
09.Time Flows Ever Onward.flac
10.Heiter’s Request.flac
11.The Precious Moments We Share.flac
12.Life Is Worth Living.flac
13.Before the Light Fades.flac
14.Grassy Turtles and Seed Rats.flac
15.Where the Blue-Moon Weed Grows.flac
16.Growing Up.flac
17.Phantoms of the Dead.flac
18.Magical Defense Training.flac
20.Evolution of Magic.flac
21.In Times of Peace.flac
22.The Land Where Souls Rest.flac
23.Where Hidden Magic Sleeps.flac
24.Great Mage Flamme.flac
25.Goodbye for Now, Eisen.flac
26.More Than Mere Tales.flac
27.The Warrior’s Path.flac
28.Fear Brought Me This Far.flac
29.Dragon Smasher.flac
30.Lift My Head From Shadow.flac
31.Life and Legacy.flac
32.Memories for My Master.flac
33.To Travel for Aureole.flac
34.Beyond the Journey’s End.flac
36.Frieren the Slayer.flac
37.Across the Northern Lands.flac
38.Gone, but Not Forgotten.flac
39.Things That Scheme in the Dark.flac
40.Deep in the Dungeon.flac
41.Time Flows Ever Onward (Short Ver.).flac
42.Sleepy Frieren.flac
43.Shipwrecks and Treasure.flac
44.A Sunrise Worth Seeing.flac
45.New Friends and Old Faces.flac
46.Sneaking and Shopping.flac
47.Drunkards and Mimics.flac
48.Stark the Pure.flac
49.Odd Clouds.flac
50.To Catch a Stille.flac
51.A Beautiful Word.flac
52.Ancient Magic.flac
53.Knife to the Throat.flac
54.Demon’s Bane.flac
55.Seeds of the Past Bear Today’s Fruit.flac
56.Headpats and Praise.flac
57.From the Heart.flac
58.Pudding With Friends.flac
59.Fern’s Birthday.flac
60.Privilege of the Young.flac
61.Super Secret Magic Potions.flac
62.Handsome Pose Collection.flac
63.Too Many Grimoires.flac
64.Stories Yet Untold.flac
65.Old Man Voll.flac
66.The Magic Within.flac
67.New and Dangerous Magic.flac
68.Waltz for Stark and Fern.flac
69.Mirrored Lotus.flac
70.Song for the Beyond.flac


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  • 龙鳞: 30金币7.5折
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