01. Baron Jagar Badda’s Scheme.flac
02. We Gotta Power (Opening Theme).flac
03. There’s Nice Weather Today, Too.flac
04. A Challenge From an Old Friend.flac
06. The Bio Warriors’ Theme.flac
07. And That Name is Baron Jagar Badda.flac
08. Revenge is Stimulating.flac
09. A Ring is My Stage.flac
10. A Crucial Confrontation! The Bio Army.flac
11. The Small Super-Heroes.flac
12. Is That Brolli!.flac
13. The Demon, For the Third Time.flac
14. I’m the One Who’ll Win!!.flac
15. You’re Looking Good, Kuririn.flac
16. A Feast of Terror.flac
17. The Crisis Doesn’t Stop.flac
18. Apparent Victory.flac
19. We Did It! The Strategy’s Success.flac
20. Brolli’s Dying Moments.flac
21. Brolli’s Greatest Terror.flac
22. A Menace that Covers the Earth.flac
23. Hope isn’t Lost.flac
24. A Fearsome Last Power.flac
25. Feeling Thrilled.flac
26. Dragon Power Infinity (Ending Theme).flac
27. Dragon Power Infinity (Movie Size).flac
28. Chiisa na Senshi (Goten & Trunks Theme).flac
29. Kung Fu Fighting (Image Track).flac