Disc 1
01.Full Moon Full Life.mp3
02.全ての人の魂の詩 (P3R ver.).mp3
03.この不思議な感覚 (P3R ver.).mp3
04.Want To Be Close -Reload-.mp3
05.Troubled (P3R ver.).mp3
06.Crisis (P3R ver.).mp3
07.シャドウ (P3R ver.).mp3
08.避けられぬ戦い (P3R ver.).mp3
09.やすらぎ -Reload-.mp3
10.When The Moon’s Reaching Out Stars -Reload-.mp3
11.巌戸台分寮 -Reload-.mp3
12.The Voice Someone Calls (P3R ver.).mp3
13.tartarus_0d01 (P3R ver.).mp3
14.Mass Destruction -Reload-.mp3
15.戦いのあと (P3R ver.).mp3
16.Color Your Night.mp3
17.Deep Breath Deep Breath -Reload-.mp3
18.Master of Shadow -Reload-.mp3
19.ポロニアンモール -Reload-.mp3
20.The Meaning of Armbands.mp3
21.tartarus_0d02 (P3R ver.).mp3
22.嫌な予感 (P3R ver.).mp3
23.Fearful Experience (P3R ver.).mp3
24.Calamity (P3R ver.).mp3
25.試験中… (P3R ver.).mp3
26.Everyone loves 1989.mp3
27.Joy (P3R ver.).mp3
28.tartarus_0d03 (P3R ver.).mp3
29.深層心理 -Reload-.mp3
30.It’s Going Down Now.mp3
31.The Path is Open (P3R ver.).mp3
32.The Path Was Closed (P3R ver.).mp3

Disc 2
01.Changing Seasons -Reload-.mp3
02.Basement (P3R ver.).mp3
03.Master of Tartarus -Reload-.mp3
04.これでいいんだ… (P3R ver.).mp3
05.Living With Determination (P3R ver.).mp3
06.tartarus_0d04 (P3R ver.).mp3
07.京都 (P3R ver.).mp3
08.Afternoon Break (P3R ver.).mp3
09.時価ネットたなか -Reload-.mp3
10.tartarus_0d05 (P3R ver.).mp3
11.10年前の記憶 -追想-.mp3
12.10年前の記憶 -対峙-.mp3
13.Mistic (P3R ver.).mp3
14.心の力 (P3R ver.).mp3
15.街の記憶 (P3R ver.).mp3
16.学園の記憶 (P3R ver.).mp3
17.Living With Determination -巌戸台分寮アレンジ- (P3R ver.).mp3
18.tartarus_0d06 (P3R ver.).mp3
19.暗闇より出でしもの (P3R ver.).mp3
20.全ての人の魂の戦い (P3R ver.).mp3
21.Nyx (P3R ver.).mp3
22.決意 (P3R ver.).mp3
23.Burn My Dread -Last Battle Reload-.mp3
24.絆 (P3R ver.).mp3
25.私が守るから -Reload-.mp3
26.キミの記憶 -Reload-.mp3
27.キミの記憶 -Reload Instrumental-.mp3
28.Full Moon Full Life -Opening Movie Version-.mp3

Disc 3
01.Burn My Dread -Reload-.mp3
02.Deep Breath Deep Breath -Reincarnation Reload-.mp3


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